5 Ways To Improve Rack Airflow in 5 Minutes

Server rack airflow is a vital piece of the data center, network closet, or home server rack. To get the longest life out of your equipment and to spend an appropriate amount of energy, consider applying any or all of the following 5 Ways to Improve Rack Airflow in 5 Minutes. Setting up proper airflow feeds your equipment with cool air, saves your energy costs, reduces hot spots, and with some of these options helps you navigate other issues when they arise preventing elongated down-time.

1. Cable Managers

Get rid of the spaghetti and start utilizing cable managers. The Neat-Patch is wildly popular and considered a fan favorite. Quickly apply this 2u organizer to your rack and feed your cables through.


2. Cable Length

If you are connecting patches 2 feet from each other, why is your cable 10 feet long? Properly cutting your cables or purchasing the proper length with an appropriate amount of slack can again help reduce the spaghetti nightmare and let cool air work it’s way to your gear.

3. Blanking Panels

With a tool-less blanking panel like the HotLok you can apply 1u or 2u panels on any rail type. Simply snap into place and you’ve instantly raised the efficiency of your rack. Whether it’s a cabinet, an open frame rack, or a 2-post telco rack these simple additions to your server rack will help improve the airflow for your equipment.


4. Magnetic Baffles

It’s baffling how simple this is (Pun intended). If you have hot and cold aisles, consider these easy to add baffles for your racks. Vertical baffles help funnel the hot air back to the A/C unit without mixing with the cold air supply. Angled baffles help keep the cool air in the aisle as long as possible. These mount to the top of the cabinet via powerful and electronic safe magnets in seconds and make a world of a difference.


5. Round Rack Grommets

Designed to seal the 4″ cable openings at the top of your rack, these grommets are easy to install and very effective. Route your cables through without sacrificing airflow.


We know IT hardware. If you want to help extend the life of your equipment let’s talk about proper server rack airflow. There are many other suggestions and solutions, but these 5 Ways to Improve Rack Airflow in 5 Minutes will instantly make a difference. Call today at 1-800-352-6631 or we’ll contact you with the below information.

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