How to Reduce Noise in the Data Center

UCoustic_42_Soundproof_RackAre you getting complaints about noise from your server racks and equipment? While some consider the noise a necessary evil, you can certainly take multiple steps to reduce and even eliminate noise from your data room. Servers, UPS’ and cooling equipment all join together to create a symphony of humming, which in many cases can cause headaches, increase stress, and take a daily toll on the end users.


Start by identifying where the noise is coming from and what is producing it, especially the noise outside of the normal server fans. An easy way to test this is to walk the room while having a conversation with someone, when the noise begins to effect the conversation make a note. When you have the noise hot spots of the room you can easily start to identify which equipment to work on.


Many times the manufacture will have suggestions on how to reduce the noise for a piece of equipment. This can be done in the BIOS of the system, adjusting the fan speed, adjusting the cooling of the equipment to reduce fan use, or modifying the power usage to reduce the noise. In some cases it’s best to change the fans on the equipment. Most fans are not designed specifically for noise, but you do have the option to replace these with QFANS which can dramatically change the end result.


Another option would be to install tiles, panels, or baffles to help soften the noise from reflecting around the room. Pay attention to the details on this option, they certainly need to be fire-rated, fiber-free, and designed to reduce the reverberation. Finding the cheapest option on Amazon or Ebay is not necessarily the safest and best for your environment.


Another option would be to install a soundproof server rack for the noisiest of equipment. If you have multiple servers that simply scream all day and no settings can fix this, a soundproof cabinet is available in sizes from 12u to 42u, removing up to 28 dBa. To put this into perspective in most cases it would take a loud restaurant down to a whisper.

For more tips on noise reduction or help finding a soundproof server rack or fans to help with the sound, talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions – 1.800.352.6631

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