How To Buy A Server Rack

RS-42U-server-rack-cabinet-with-split-rear-door-wp-How to buy a server rack. Seems like an innocent and easy question, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process it can be a bit intimidating. Server racks coming in multiple sizes, depths, and rail styles, with copious amounts of features and ratings like NEMA, NEBS Seismic, Military Grade, and more.

Start with the Server Rack Equipment

You can’t know what you’re looking for if you don’t know the right server rack size and depth. For height in “U” Spaces, add up the total amount space you will need and then plan for growth year over year. Ideally you should factor at least 20% more space. The IT and Data world is moving faster and faster so it’s essential to plan for growth rather than constantly purchasing multiple small server racks.

Consider Server Rack Depth and Rails

Check the depth of your equipment. Servers can come in multiple depths, but these aren’t the only items you will be mounting. If you have multiple different depths of equipment consider reducer brackets or shelves in order to make the equipment fit properly. This also ties into what type of vertical mounting rails will you need? Universal square holes are becoming an industry standard because they let you change the hole type based on the type of cage nut.

Do you need a Special Server Rack?

What kind of environment are you working in? If you have a room with a lock, maybe you don’t need a server rack cabinet, but merely an open four post rack. If your data needs to be extra secure get a PCI complaint rack where locks are standard on all sides. If you are in an earthquake zone, consider a server rack designed specifically for it’s NEBS Seismic Rating based on the Zone. Are you in an area where chemicals might be an issue for your equipment? There’s a server rack for this specific area too. NEMA rated server racks are designed to protect equipment from water, foreign objects like dust, dirt, cooling sprays, and corrosive agents. Screaming servers? It might be worth the investment to get a sound proof server cabinet. It’s important to select the right server rack for the right environment as server racks are not created equal.

Contact Rackmount Solutions For Help

If you need help deciding what server rack would best fit your space feel free to call us at 1-800-352-6631 or fill out the contact us form located below. We sell server racks every day and deal with some of the most unique situations including custom designs. It can’t hurt to get a second opinion before selecting your equipment!

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