Front Office Server Rack Solutions


When planning your layout for IT/Networking equipment in an open space or front office not only do you need to consider your employees, but any customers, clients, and through traffic as well. Common challenges include rack-security, excessive noise production, thermal airflow management, aesthetics, and location based on a limited footprint. Without a data closet or server room, placing a rack in an open environment makes security a much more delicate issue as unauthorized employees and customers will have access to the enclosure. The equipment in these racks often produces great amounts of noise and heat, both of which can be problematic for non-IT employees as well as clients near the rack. Aesthetically the standard server enclosure can be somewhat of an eye-sore, requiring the selection of this rack to blend into the office or attempt to hide in plain sight. Finally, the cabinet needs to be carefully placed in a location that is not only accessible but also not a hazard for walking traffic.



24UIT / NETWORK RACKS – The UCoustic Soundproof Cabinet Series not only provides sound dampening technology (Up to 28.5 dBA) and heat dissipation for the equipment (Up to 7.2 kW), but these soundproof server cabinets can also be designed to feature wood paneling, creating the illusion of office furniture for aesthetic appeal. The UCoustic Soundproof Cabinet Series also incorporates locking doors and sides for security, preventing unwarranted tampering. Other popular rack options for smaller applications include LINIER Fixed Wall Mounts, UCoustic Soundproof Wall Mounts, and the VRS/WRS Series of Vertical Wall Mounts which protrude significantly less off the wall reducing any potential walking hazards.

AIRFLOW / HEAT MANAGEMENT – Servers and networking equipment produce heat making it vital to consider how they will dissipate heat without affecting clients and employees. HotLok Blanking Panels are a simple way to improve airflow. These blanking panels are tool-less and snap into any rail type forcing the air to go through the equipment and not bypass your gear. Adding rackmount Quiet Fan Panels or individual QFans to existing knockouts will also help keep your equipment cool without producing additional unwanted noise.

RELIABLE POWER – In an open space like a front office a single-phase UPS System and network PDU are recommended. Our selection of Minuteman and Tripp Lite power provides a range from 500VA to 3kVA of rackmount UPS solutions. Power distribution may vary depending on the draw or power and the features you require. A rackmount power strip, more common for wall mounts and network racks, features surge, thermal, or noise protection for your open environment equipment.

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