Five tips for buying your first UPS

endeavor_tower_frontYour server rack equipment is fragile especially when it comes to power outages, spikes, and surges. The best protection against these powerful problems is a quality Uninterruptible Power Supply or “UPS”. While most customers understand how to purchase a server rack and accessories, power protection can sometimes be confusing and virtually an afterthought. To help you select your first UPS or simply upgrade your current UPS you can follow these quick tips to both speed up the process and find the right fit for your server rack equipment.

UPS and Power Basics

By doing your research you can cut down on the confusion. For starters you will need to know the type of server rack equipment you are using, how many individual pieces of equipment, the size (kW) of the equipment, and what your uptime requirements will be. By understanding the total load in kW and your uptime expectations you can quickly remove UPS systems that would be too small and might risk failure, as well as remove systems that are too big and inefficient.

Feature Rich UPS

enterpriseplus-rack-front-1Determine what features are important for your data center. Establish if you need a UPS system for dirty power which can handle surges and spikes or if your power is clean and this is unnecessary. Do you need redundancy, do you need a tower model or rackmount model, do you need N+1 meaning that if the load can be supplied by N modules, it will contain N+1 so if one module fails the entire system does not cease. One of the most important features discussed today is energy efficiency. We always recommend an Energy Star UPS simply because over time it can mean major savings.

Warranty, Support and Protection

Absolutely determine the warranty of the UPS, batteries, and the support included. Are there local reps for assistance when needed? Is there a call service that provides support within hours of submitting a ticket? The support and warranty can be worth their weight in gold as opposed to going with the cheapest option that neglects much protection. Read reviews and find out the experience other customers have had with the warranty and maintenance before committing.

Minuteman-EnSpire-EN750-EN900Future Use of this UPS

Every year new equipment seems to be added and swapped out and power requirements change. With that in mind, consider a modular UPS design where you can adapt to the situation as needed. A modular system could provide additional flexibility such as installing and integrating units without disrupting current systems.

Talk To An Expert

Once you’ve determined the basics of your UPS, what features you would like to consider, what type of warranty would be important, and if you do need a modular type of UPS, talk to an expert. Rackmount Solutions has been in the business of selling UPS systems for well over a decade. Have a unique situation? We can handle it. Need a custom design? Not a problem. Still feeling confused and need help? We’re standing by ready to walk you through the process.¬†Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631

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