Four Keys to Selecting Your Wallmount Cabinet

Linier_Fixed_FrontWith so many options of Wallmount cabinets and enclosures on the market it’s hard to determine which is best for your environment. Here are five of the most important factors to help you determine the best Wallmount Cabinet for you.

1. Wallmount Cabinet Height

Determining the height needed may seem obvious, but it’s an essential starting point. Collect the equipment you plan on installing and determine the number of U spaces necessary for your rack. A “U Space” is equivalent to 1.75 inches, so make sure you measure properly. While you may only need 8U of space now, it’s best to plan for potential future growth as well

2. Wallmount Cabinet Depth

With the minimum height determined, now we can focus on the internal depth of your wallmount. More and more wallmount sizes are being produced and you could easily see a variation of 11 inches deep to 30 inches deep. While your server might be roughly 18 inches in depth it’s best practice to factor in at a minimum three inches of additional internal depth for cabling, thus a 21 inch depth would be the minimum internal depth.

3. Wallmount Cabinet Weight

After finding a cabinet that both fits your height and internal depth, now we need to determine if the cabinet can hold the equipment based on weight capacity. For example, the Linier 9U Wall Mount Cabinet allows for 20.5 inches of internal depth and 9 total U spaces. This cabinet also has a total weight capacity of 150 pounds. However even if you wallmount can hold your equipment, you also need to determine if the wall you intend to mount on will handle this weight.

4. Wallmount Cabinet Features

There is almost a limitless variety of features for wallmounts. The style of wallmount could be fixed, swinging, vertical, NEMA 12, U-series, or relay style to name a few. If your wallmount enclosure includes a door you would be able to select a range of solid, perforated, plexi-glass, or smoked glass. Do you need the ability to remove side panels, do you need the cabinet to have a lock and key? All of these solutions are available at Rackmount Solutions.

If you need help selecting the best possible cabinet for your particular situation, we’re here to help.

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