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Susan Wynne for blog By Susan Wynne, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Electronics are a lot like ice cream in that the good brands are always fan_compoverpriced, they both usually contain a less than desirable ingredient (Nuts? Noisy fans? Gross.), and how much time you spend in front of them oftentimes correlates directly to the circumference of your waist. More importantly though, much alike ice cream, high-density electronics such as servers and storage devices need to be kept at very cool temperatures in order to still function properly. There are wrong ways of doing this…

…and then there are the right ways, such as managing air flow, utilizing fans (rackmount, not desk top), cable management, and providing cool, clean ambient air wherever your cabinets are located. Which is never a problem, since servers are always used in pristine, air-conditioned, monitored environments, right? Of course not.

So what do you do when you need to situate sensitive equipment in harsher environments that might be warm, dusty, or otherwise not ideal for electronics? You call up Rackmount Solutions and speak to a sales specialist about the Cruxial Cooler Air Conditioned Server Cabinet, that’s what!

Each application is different, so we have the Cruxial Cooler available in over 112 size configurations, with AC units ranging from 2k BTU up to 20k BTU, and with the option of either rack-mountable AC’s (ideal for use when self-containment is essential or room space is at a premium), or side-mount units, which come in handy when you have a higher-than-average heat load and might require a special AC configuration. These 100% functionally tested units integrate a unique condensate management system, complete gasket sealing to keep undesirable elements away from your equipment, and a temperature display so that you can easily keep tabs on the conditions within the cabinet.

Your Cruxial Cooler will be built-to-order right here in the USA; you can expect a lead time of about three to four weeks, but it is well worth the wait to have a unit tailored to your exact specifications! You can always email or call 866-207-6631 and speak to a specialist regarding your needs – we’ll walk you through it, step by step. Or, feel free to complete and email/fax in our AC Checklist, and a representative will contact you.

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