Data Center Security Disconnect, Consolidation and Network Trends

inthenewsData Center Managers Need Execs on Board for Security
An article from eWeekSenior Execs Have ‘Serious Disconnect’ on State of Data Center Security, discusses survey results demonstrating distance between executives and data security. According to the survey conducted by Gabriel Consulting just 22 percent of data center managers believe that their companies’ senior management personnel are adequately aware of the organizations’ security status and preparedness.

Because of these security dynamics, data centers are much more prone to being taken by surprise, should security problems occur. Reasons for the disconnect and the associated security challenges include senior management’s resistance to spending money on preventive security that does not appear to show return on investment. A possible solution, according to the article, involves data center managers being straightforward when communicating information about security and senior management being more open to accurate security information.

Data Center Consolidation vs. Increased Demand: Striking a Balance
Complexity Could Jeopardize Data Center Consolidation is an article from Government Computer News that discusses federal data center consolidation challenges and related complexities, as well as how these issues could compromise any cost savings. The information comes from a report titled Consolidation Conundrum, which is based on a June 2011 survey sponsored by Juniper Networks.

The article explains the challenge: Just as data centers are required to consolidate, they also face increased computing demands. IT managers who responded to the survey stated that within the next five years, their computing needs would increase by 37 percent and that, in turn, their data centers would need to adapt to the increasing demands through 34 percent growth.

Consolidating data centers is costly because it is so complex, and this dynamic could mostly negate any cost savings that result from consolidation. The article states that just 10 percent of survey respondents believe that federal agencies will consolidate the OMB’s mandated number of 800 data centers by 2015.

Accommodating Today’s Demands While Preparing for Tomorrow
One trend involves networks facing increasingly heavy requirements, such as the demand for heightened bandwidth availability that adequately supports various media-intensive services. Also, networks will need to be able to accommodate a large quantity of devices, including more smartphones, tablet computers, and laptop and desktop computers.

Companies will need to protect themselves from security breaches by putting money and other resources into security infrastructure. In addition, the article discusses the importance of focusing on network availability because of heightened use of network-based services.

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