Daily Tip: Portable Air Conditioner

americool wpc-23000Portable Air Conditioner is a great product to have on hand in a data center. These units more cost effective and deployed much faster than complete redesign of your data center. We find having portable air conditioner is great for spot cooling when moving equipment and re-configuring your space, many models are Energy Star efficient and they can be quickly used rather than seeking approval from maintenance for changing drop-ceiling panels or adjusting exhaust ducts.

The first thing you need to understand are BTUs or British Thermal Units, which are a unit of measurement for energy. Basically this is an indication of how much the unit can cool or heat a room. In other words a 92,000 BTU portable air conditioner is much more powerful than that of a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner. Typically portable air conditioners use the number of BTU to determine the size of the room that it would be able to service, but in a data center application the amount of heat from the equipment is equally important. To assist customers Rackmount Solutions uses the following rough formula to help find you the right unit:

(20 x Room SQFT) + (Equipment Watts x 3.14) + (Active People in Room x 400) = Size of Portable A/C Unit in BTU

As an example: James has a 600 Sqft. room, with two active employees, and 1500W of equipment. Based on the formula he would need at least 17,510 BTU to cool the entire room. In this case the AmeriCool WPC-5000 which has 21,000 BTU would be his best option. We would also recommend the WPC-4000 at 16,800 BTU, but at $100 difference our opinion would be to get the larger unit allowing for flexibility as he adds equipment in the future.

If you need help finding a particular portable air conditioner, we have a catalog of options for virtually any environment. From small units at 10k BTU up to  92k BTU of cooling capacity. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or by completing the contact us form below.

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