Daily Tip: UPS Maintenance

Your uninterruptible power supplies serve a major purpose, but without proper UPS maintenance you can open the door for a slew of potential problems. Every data center manager and employee is afraid of one word: Downtime. Every minute of downtime is potentially $7,900 out the window, not to mention the anxiety on you as a manager which isn’t necessarily quantifiable.

Call in the UPS Maintenance Experts

When you plan to look at UPS maintenance and system repairs, it’s best to step back and realize if you are qualified and have a full understanding to complete a thorough check. You should be an expert with UPS training classes or a certification if it’s anything outside of a basic task. Especially during downtime, the best thing to have prepared would be the number for your UPS experts. When every minute counts, don’t let pride keep your data center down, call in the experts.

Performance Monitoring and Planned Checks

Just like any data center equipment, checking for common issues should be a top priority – Monitoring connections for overheating, capacitors starting to bulge, batteries on the brink of failure, all of these should be routinely checked. Look for the parts that were designed to evenutally fail and need to be replaced, such as batteries, filters, capacitors, and fans. Don’t wait for these items to fail, but replace them before their life cycle comes to an end. In an ideal world, have replacements prepared rather than spending your budget on shipping costs to overnight these parts.

If you need help forming a routine and stocking replacement parts on-site, we can help. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or simply complete the contact us form below.

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