Daily Tip: Server Rack Security

nFrame-HAC-300x200Cyber security is becoming increasingly important, but don’t forget about the physical security of your equipment. Statistics show that employees are more dangerous than hackers so making sure the access to your server room and it’s equipment is vital. For smaller businesses you might not have the luxury of even a dedicated closet for your server room, so it’s imperative to restrict the access at the rack itself. Make sure your rack is up to PCI standards where all sides and doors are lockable and you have complete control of the access. Add even a simple camera system to monitor the traffic of your data. If you do have a dedicated space for your server room, we suggest forgoing windows. For enterprise level security it’s not only vital to have a dedicated room, without windows, with cameras, but also consider the use of bio-metric identification. We’re not looking for retinal scanner to the extent of Mission Impossible, but hand or fingerprint scanners add a much higher level of security without incredible costs.

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