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Daily Tip: Data Center Renovations

nFrame-HAC-300x200Whether you are taking over a data center or simply going through data center renovations to add space or efficiency the following are elements you must consider. We always say “Prior planning prevents poor performance” and that is certainly true when configuring a data center.

  1. Airflow and Cooling

    This is the perfect time to take advantage of cooling. Optimize a true hot aisle / cold aisle containment configuration. Align the racks to where the air is escaping properly. Install blanking panels. Remove any perforated tiles from your hot aisles (if you have a raised floor). Finally install and improve your cable management. This is your opportunity to get it right so don’t skimp on the chance to start fresh with great airflow and cooling for your equipment.

  2. Power

    Evaluate the power in your data center. Do you have equipment running that isn’t serving a purpose? Do you have older PDU or UPSs that are draining energy rather than improving upon it? Consider an Energy Star rated piece of equipment instead. Between adding blanking panels and aligning Energy Star rated equipment, you can save massive amounts on your energy bills.

  3. Footprint

    If you are renovating your data center, you have to plan for the future. Maybe this is the time to invest in taller racks and increase the available footprint by switching to 45u+ rather than the ones you are currently using or considering the growth of your company lay the foundation for future racks that will be needed.

  4. Security

    Is your data secure? With the renovation it could be time to update the locks on your doors or invest in server racks that are PCI Compliant (restricted access from all sides). By re-configuring your layout if you have cameras you want to make sure and update their positions as well.

There are many other aspects to renovating a data center, but these certainly get you on the right track and lay the groundwork for the future. If you need help with your data center renovations talk to our experts at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or submit a contact us request below.

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