Daily Tip: Data Center Raised Floor

imgresIf you’re looking to have your data center function at it’s best, it needs not only the right server racks, accessories, and equipment, but the right floor for the job as well. Start by determining the weight of your equipment so you can size the appropriate load for the raised floor, but certainly don’t forget to consider the rolling load. In the high traffic areas where you would consider moving server racks in and out of the data center, these tiles need to be more robust and heavy duty in order to support these rolling racks.

Other options to consider are perforated tiles for your cold aisle, but absolutely not in your hot aisle row. A suction cup tile remover for easy access below the tiles is also an important accessory.

Basically our tips is to do adequate research on weight capacity, rolling loads, selecting perforated tiles for your cold row and solid tiles for your hot aisle, and considering someone for installation. If you need help with installation or discussing the particulars of your data center, we have a team of experts ready to talk. Complete the contact us form below and we’ll get you on the path to a raised floor data center.

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