Daily Tip: Data Center Planning

imgresPlanning your holiday meal for Thanksgiving is hard enough, but planning the growth and utilization of a data center for years to come? Now that’s a challenge. If done poorly you can over shoot or under shoot by a large margin leaving extensive infrastructure issues. To complicate matters factoring in mobility, the cloud, and potential virtualization make calculating the future all the more difficult.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid

When planning your future data center capacity it’s best to start by keeping it simple. Consider the growth of the business, plan for the requirements this growth will have and the applications that come with it, and don’t neglect how much power and cooling that will also contribute to this data growth. If you have a strong history, consider the previous years growth trends and how the capacity has changed year over year.

Help Wanted

Precisely planning the footprint, power, cooling, and new equipment isn’t the job for a single person. While not all vendors have the resources to help, Rackmount Solutions is willing to visit your site and help you consider the future and the many nuances that you might run into. We’ll also help you establish the capacity for growth, basically providing the ground work for future growth without having under utilization now, or spending more today for no purpose. We’ll help you be realistic and plan a data center than can adjust and adapt for 5-7 years.

If you need help forming a plan for your data center we can help. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or simply complete the contact us form below.

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