Cruxial Racks for Crucial Situations

Cruxial-Cable-Network-RackRackmount Solutions brand of Cruxial products identify crucial situations and provide an answer. Our Cruxial 4-Post Rack adapts to fit your equipment with an adjustable depth from 22.5″ to 36″ deep. Need strength with your 4-post rack? Our Cruxial 4-Post Rack offers a best in class 3,000 lb weight capacity. Tired of paying for high shipping costs for your 4-post racks? We ship ours disassembled saving you roughly $150 in freight costs.

Need a unique configuration with soundproofing? Air-conditioning? Special size? Our Cruxial series is available in just about any specifications you can conjure up. What about a miniature 4-post rack? One of our most popular products is the Mini 19″ Cruxial 4-Post.

Are you interested in a new server rack? Consider the Cruxial brand, a brand that works and adapts to you and your equipment.

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