Choosing an Open Frame 4-Post Rack


If security for an individual rack isn’t required, an open frame rack might be the best option for you. Perfect for your servers, telecom equipment, or networking, the 4-post open frame rack is an ideal and versatile solution.

Some of the instant benefits to an open frame rack include:

1. Open airflow design

2. Easy access to all components

3. Maximum versatility

With an open frame rack you have the ability to customize as needed for your space. Add side panels, doors, shelves, rackmount power, cable management – An open frame rack allows you to customize from the ground up (Casters).



For heavy loads of equipment take a look at the Cruxial Series 4-Post Rack which supports up to 3000 lbs.


Need a narrow rack? The Middle Atlantic Slim 5 Series 4 Post Rack is great for tight spaces or if you plan to purchase multiple and join together.


Have servers, hubs, or routers? The DSR 4 Post Server Rack assembles quickly and adjusts from 24″ to 36″ in depth.


Support 3000 lbs under your desk? Problem solved, this 9u or 12u Cruxial Series 4 Post Rack is great for the smallest of scenarios.


If you think any of these solutions might be right for you, call a Rackmount Solutions account manager to discuss specs and sizes.

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