Best Efficiency Improvement for your Money!

What types of data center equipment upgrades provide SMEs (Small and Midsized Enterprises) the greatest efficiency improvement opportunities for the money spent?

One of the most inexpensive upgrades an SME can make within their data centers is to invest in an appropriate and strategic rack/cabinet layout. When trying to pinpoint airflow inefficiencies, it’s easy to overlook some obvious culprits; excess, unused space in racks and improper (or even a complete lack of) cable management solutions, and a lack of a smart PDU often factor largely into these costly inefficiencies.

 Unused Rack Space:

  • Populating racks to their fullest when paired with logical cooling systems (such as in-row cooling systems), is a reasonably priced way to improve airflow in the data center. This allows you to target cooling where needed, which pays dividends in the future as energy costs are reduced.

 Cable Management:

    • Implementing thorough cable management will also improve efficiency; while it might be a pain to retrofit, this is one of the cheapest ways to streamline your data center.

 Smart PDU:

  • If you’re not using smart PDU’s in your cabinets, you should be.

Upfront costs for smart PDU’s are obviously higher than basic ones, however the advanced reporting solutions these systems offer will give you visibility into where you might be housing stranded power which, when utilized, will save you plenty of cash overtime to offset the cost of the PDU.

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For a more advanced solution, upgrades to your electronics can provide a large impact as well. When it comes to your servers, UPSes, switches, etc., if you aren’t using up-to-date equipment, there’s a good chance they’re costing you money. Older equipment is inefficient and oftentimes not designed for today’s higher-density data center designs. Investing in new equipment will give you peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is energy efficient, and the smaller form factors will allow you to get more out of your real estate.

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