3 Reasons a 4-Post Server Rack Is Right For You

Recently we’ve covered how to choose a 4-Post Server Rackand even how to assemble the Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series Open Frame 4-Post Server Rack, but today we’re explaining why choosing a 4-Post Server Rack is right for you. There are dozens of reasons these simple looking server racks make for the best fit in your data center, closet or work space, but we’ve narrowed it down to the three most important reason for why a four post server rack is right for you.


1) Versatility

An open frame 4-post rack can be tweaked, optimized, and customized in dozens of ways to comply with your needs. Ad side panels, vents, keep it open air, add casters, fans, or rackmount power to the side. The 4-post rack has almost no limitations. Should you need security for an open frame 4-post rack, adding doors or an enclosure is a suitable option.


2) Brute Strength

4-Post Server Racks are built to handle heavy loads. The Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series 4-Post Racks hold up to 3,000 pounds when bolted to the floor. Want to roll around 1,500 pounds of server rack equipment? These same server racks can hold 1,500 pounds when placed on casters. At a 3,000 pound capacity, the Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series is one of the strongest in the industry.


3) Size / Depth

4-Post Server Racks come in dozens of sizes and depths in order to fit in just about any space. Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series comes as small as a 9U for the tiniest application, or as big as a 55U for much larger loads, but also includes ¬†adjustable rails to allow for maximum flexibility for the depth of you rack. Need a rack that can mount Dell or HP Servers at 19″ these adjust perfectly.



If you think a 4 Post Server Rack is right for you, give us a call and we’ll help find you the perfect fit!

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