3 Quick Tips for Server Rack Airflow

integral-grommetServer Rack airflow is vital for your equipment and data center efficiency. By reducing server rack bypass airflow, hot spots, air leakage, and obstructions you can save remarkable amounts of energy which in turn saves you money.

1 – Monitor Temperatures Regularly

One simple way to check server rack airflow problems is to monitor the temperature inside and outside of your server rack as well as the area around it. When measuring temperatures inside the rack always check the top, middle and the bottom of the rack to determine hot spots and isolate the areas of need.

2 – Check Cooling Equipment

Routinely check your CRAC units, chilled water pumps, and condenser loops for any issues with their respective valves, gauges, and alarms. If these are not working properly you can be supplying too little or even too much cooling.

3 – Invest in Airflow Management Basicshotlok-blanking-panel-2u

Server rack airflow management doesn’t have to mean expensive fans or spot cooling units. Something as simple as properly placing blanking panels on your rack, using grommets for cables, or setting up the proper hot aisle / cold aisle configuration. We always recommend Upsite Technologies for raised floor airflow management and HotLok blanking panels. Their grommet recently ranked #1 by ASHRAE and stated that their brush grommet saved 48% more than their competition. The HotLok blanking panel wins awards for sealing up to 99.99% of airflow.

Want to raise the airflow efficiency of your server rack both quickly and cheaply? Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or check out the award winning products in our airflow management section.

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