What a Smart PDU Might Mean to You

Laura Viars for blogBy Laura Viars, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.


At Rackmount Solutions, we believe that smart PDU’s are one of the most cost-effective means for data center managers to manage and reduce their energy costs.  There are certainly other methods – utilization of biofuels, fuel cells, hydropower, solar and wind energy – but none of these technologies can approach the cost/overall savings return of a smart PDU.


In their study, “Energy Logic:  Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption by Creating Savings that Cascade Across Systems”, Emerson Network Power determined that servers use the most energy (44%) of any single data center component.  And, that by reducing server energy utilization 1 watt, the cascading effect across the data center (power distribution, UPS, cooling, building switchgear/transformer) resulted in nearly 3 watts of overall power savings.

Energy Savings


That’s why we’re so high on smart PDU’s.  Smart PDU’s (when coupled with power management software like Eaton’s Power Manager™ or Power Xpert™) allow data center professionals to monitor and manage:

  • Power consumption at the outlet
  • Power switching at the outlet level (on/off/reboot)

They also enable data center professionals to:

  • Determine which circuits/servers have additional power available that could be used elsewhere
  • Limit power consumption of specific servers/cabinets
  • Cap power utilization

Using these tools – smart PDU’s and management software, data center professionals can realize, depending upon the size and scope of their implementation, thousands of watts of power savings in just a few weeks.  And, considering that prices for smart PDUs begin at just a few hundred dollars, the Return on Investment (ROI) for a smart PDU can be just a few months.

What might a smart PDU mean to you?  Significant energy and monetary savings!

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