Air Conditioned Server Rack not just for Summer

David Dowdy for blog By David Dowdy,  Rackmount Solutions, Inc.


Summer is almost here, and as things get hotter outside, they’re getting hotter for the servers, switches, and routers that are not in an ideal environment.  The heat and dust are slowly eating away at the electronics, making a failure more and more likely, and a system outage almost inevitable. You need an air conditioned server rack.

Air Conditioned Server Rack
Rackmount Air Conditioned Server Rack with Lexan Front Door

Equipment that sits in a closet, an office, on a shop floor, or in field office trailer doesn’t have to become more prone to failure due to overheating or contamination.  And companies don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into costly HVAC systems to keep just a few servers, switches, and routers cool and clean.  What’s the solution for summer heat and year round dirt and dust?  An air conditioned Cruxial Cooler™ server rack from Rackmount Solutions!


Manufactured to NEMA 12 standards, our Cruxial Cooler™ air conditioned server rack can keep servers, switches, and routers cool and clean – in almost any environment.  Cruxial Cooler™ is built on a patented aluminum extruded frame and includes:

  • Complete gasket sealing for doors, panels and the air conditioning unit
  • MTemp 100 temperature display
  • Thermostat that turns fans on and off automatically
  • Wiring for a malfunction switch alarm (alarm not provided)
  • Rack or side mount air conditioning unit in 20K, 12K or 9K BTUs that uses CFC-free or environmentally safe refrigerants
  • Built-in condensate system that evaporates moisture to the surrounding air
  • High CFM blowers
  • Low-profile casters and leveling feet
  • Removable side panels
  • A smoked Lexan front door with lockable swing handle (a solid front door is also available)
  • Steel rear door with lockable swing door handle
  • Solid top panel
  • Solid bottom panel
  • Textured powdered coat finish


When populated with HotLok blanking panels, Cruxial Cooler™ is even more efficient and effective.  The panels not only reduce hotspots and prevent equipment exhaust air from migrating to the air-intake stream at the front of the cabinet, they also lower temperature conditioned air to the upper one-third of the cabinet.  This is the area that is typically the hottest – and where equipment failure is most likely to happen.


Starting at just $5,148 for a 48u cabinet, with a side mount air conditioning unit, a Cruxial Cooler™ air conditioned server rack is a cost-effective way to protect equipment that needs to function in the heat and dust of summer – or any season.

Interesting in learning more? Check out our web site – Cruxial Cooler™, send us an email, or give us a call at 1-800-352-6631.

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