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Keep IT Cool – Portable AC Units at Industrial Scale

Keeping tech equipment cool is an extremely important task in a data center. When equipment overheats, it does not operate at its highest capability, or it might even stop working all together. Cooling equipment is a task that can be made much easier with the right cooling technology. Americool manufactures superior cooling technology that is very popular among our Rackmount Solutions customers. With the hot summer weather upon us, now is the time to ensure that your data center has the best cooling infrastructure.

WPC-5RT AmeriCool

Industrial Air Conditioner AmeriCool

The Americool WPC-5RT is a portable outdoor 5-ton air conditioner. This unit is extremely durable and requires no additional installation. Its ducts are easily extendable so it will integrate seamlessly into a variety of applications. This product also comes as a 12-ton air conditioner. Choosing between 5-ton and 12-ton is easier when data center BTUs is calculated. Through calculating BTUs you can determine which air conditioner is better for your application. The simplest way to estimate the BTU capacity you will need is to first determine the square footage of your space. The next step is to determine the total watts of equipment. In a server room or data center, there are a lot of watts generated from equipment. Determining what this number is can be challenging, but a best estimate is helpful. Finally, determine how many active people are typically found in the room. These three elements can then be put into this formula:

How Is BTU Calculated?  Which Portable Air Conditioner is Right For My Needs?

Size of the Portable A/C Unit necessary in BTU =

(Room SQFT x 20) + (Equipment Watts x 3.14) + (Active People in the room x 400)

Additionally, after calculating the result of this formula be sure to take into consideration the future growth of your equipment and data center size in order to prepare for future growth.

AmeriCool WPW-4000

Americool AC Unit Without Exhaust

The Americool WPW-4000 is a newer product that we’ve added to our product catalog at Rackmount Solutions. It is a water-cooled portable air conditioner that features spot and room cooled commercial air conditioner settings. The great benefit of this air conditioner is that it does not require exhaust ducts because it does not produce warm exhaust. Therefore, a solution to remove heat is not needed. This removes the additional cost of building of an elaborate cooling system. In addition, this product has a 16,000 BTU cooling capacity, and an operating range of 63 – 113 degrees. This application is great for areas where cooling the entire area is not practical. Rather, this unit serves as a great spot cooler. The formula above can also be used to determine if the BTU of the WPW-4000 will work for you. If not, there are many other AC units available.

More Than Just Data Centers

Data centers are not the only place to use Americool portable air conditioners. These a/c units have been used in a variety of locations that get warmer than usual and need to be cooled. Such locations include industrial warehouses, food distributors, small offices, hospitals, and a variety of other commercial locations. Additionally, these coolers are built to handle harsh environments, which broadens their scope of application even more. So, you do not have to have a data center in order to purchase one of these quality cooling solutions. Their applications include industrial, commercial, and everything in between.

Americool is known for its portability and ease of use. Through applying their easy-to-install products, any environment can be transformed with cooling power. With the summer heat in full force, it is time to ensure that your equipment operates at its highest level without overheating. To learn more about cooling solutions, or to find the right solution for you, call us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or Livechat with us on our website

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