Server Rack Air Conditioning

Server Rack Air Conditioning keeps your equipment cool when your data center is hot. With all of the extremely valuable equipment in your rack it’s extremely important to monitor temperature. These server rack air conditioners will help protect your company from downtime which can cost you much more than these racks.

Cooling Your Data Center

Not all changes to your cooling approach will require massive adjustments or expensive purchases. The first step is to ensure proper air circulation within the cabinets, making sure that you have filler panels covering any open spaces within the cabinets and distributing your equipment within the cabinets to minimize hot spots.

Stay Cool with the Cruxial Cooler!

Electronics are a lot like ice cream in that the good brands are always overpriced, they both usually contain a less than desirable ingredient (Nuts? Noisy fans? Gross.), and how much time you spend in front of them oftentimes correlates directly to the circumference of your waist. More importantly though, much alike ice cream, high-density electronics such as servers and storage devices need to be kept at very cool temperatures in order to still function properly. There are wrong ways of doing this…

Server Rack Cooling with AC

Air-Conditioned Server Racks Provide Convenience, Protection and Equipment Safety

Rackmount Solutions now offers air-conditioned server cabinets that can withstand your most rugged indoor conditions. Especially designed for environments that have inadequate ventilation, are not the proper temperature, or are prone to accumulating and circulating dirt, the cabinet makes it easier for you to safely and efficiently store and maintain your equipment.

Can you hear me now? Data Center Noise

Noise is simply a fact of life in the data center world. The most common culprits are the fans within the servers and equipment and the constant “whoosh” sound of airflow from the cooling equipment. As we have witnessed the rapid adoption of consolidation and higher density equipment in the data center, more heat and thus more noise, is an unfortunate product. Higher density equipment requires more heat dissipation in a smaller space. Those little fans work hard!