Seismic Server Racks

Don’t let Earthquakes shake your confidence in your data. Seismic Server Racks are built for just that, seismic activity. Added stability, additional supports, a seismic server rack will guard against the elements.

Seismic Server Rack Protection – Preventing the Shake, Rattle & Roll

Many data centers are located in regions where earthquakes are common. At an average cost of nearly $8,000 per minute of downtime, companies need their equipment to remain operational one-hundred percent of the time, even when the world around them is shaking. To insure the safety of that equipment, it’s critical for a seismic server …

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Seismic Zone Map of the United States

Seismic Server Racks: What’s the difference?

Even when the world is shaking a 19″ seismic server rack enclosure can keep your equipment safe. Many data centers reside in geographies where earthquakes and other seismic activity are very real occurrances.  To insure the continuing operation of equipment and even more importantly, the safety of data center personnel during a seismic event, it is …

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Racks Stand Up to Earthquakes and Rugged Conditions

The recent disaster in Japan was a vivid reminder for companies to consider how well their equipment would be protected if such an event took place locally. Whether you house your equipment in an earthquake-prone area or want added protection for servers in rugged environments, Rackmount Solutions’ Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Server Rack fits the bill.

Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Server Rack

Based on the standard, patented frame design of the RS, RSP and FRS server rack series, this NEBS compliant configuration has been tested and certified to meet Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE requirements for ZONE 4 seismic earthquake environments.