The New Rackmount Solutions

If you’ve visited recently you might notice that it looks a little different. Well, we’ve given it a fresh new look! We’ve been busy working to give our customers a website with an easy to use interface, a lot of helpful features, a powerful site search engine, and organization that makes finding products easier and faster than ever. Let’s be honest, our previous site was old. Like really old. Like older than those lucky gym socks you’ve had since high school. So, the new Rackmount Solutions is revamped and young again! Here are just a few of the great new features you’ll want to put to use on our website.

The Rack Finder:

This is an innovative tool which is located right on our home page. Just input the number of Rack Units, Usable Depth you’re looking for, and/or your price range. Click “Find My Rack”, and in the blink of an eye it scans our entire website to find exactly what you asked for. You wish for your perfect server rack, and we deliver your custom results. Time to put the Rack Finder to work.

Our Search Engine:

The search engine on our new site is extremely powerful. We want to make your search easy, so every day we’re refining this tool to strengthen its ability to find exactly what you’re looking for. Misspellings have nothing on this search engine. If you happen to spell something wrong, it knows exactly what you mean and will take you there with ease. Don’t believe us? Try it!

  The Compare Feature:

Ever wished you could see products side by side to know the exact difference between them? Well, we have that covered too. On our new website, you can select up to four products to compare side by side in an easy to read chart. Get all the information you need in a very understandable format. Price, Rack Units, Usable Depth, Thread Type, Shipping Method, and Internal Width are just a few of the many specifications you will see in the compare feature. Now that is exciting!

Shop by Department:

If the Rack Finder or the Search Engine isn’t for you, you can always shop by department. This menu is located at the top of any page on our website, making it easy to find and readily available in case you get lost in the luster of all these fabulous features. Navigate quickly through all of the categories of products we have. Each category is broken down into subcategories for very specific shopping. Need a Two Post Rack Shelf? Just go to the Shelves and Drawers category. There you will find a whole sub-category for Two Post Rack Shelves, which is broken down even further into all of the different types of Two Post Rack Shelves you could be looking for. Choices on choices on choices.


Those are just a few of the updated features on our new website, but we’ve barely even scratched the surface of everything our site can do. We’ve made shopping for IT equipment easier than ever. Give the new Rackmount Solutions a visit online soon. We would love for you to see it all for yourself. And as always, feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help with anything. We’re always ready to talk!

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