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Daily Tip: UPS Checklist

I’m more optimist than pessimist, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the probability of power outages, surges, and spikes in my data center. By planning ahead and making sure that your UPS systems are prepared you can align quite a bit more protection for you and your data. Power and Load Capacity Start …

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data center renovations

Daily Tip: Data Center Renovations

Whether you are taking over a data center or simply going through data center renovations to add space or efficiency the following are elements you must consider. We always say “Prior planning prevents poor performance” and that is certainly true when configuring a data center. Airflow and Cooling This is the perfect time to take …

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Daily Tip: Blanking Panels

Blanking panels, filler panels, blanks, whatever you choose to call them, just know they are incredibly important and worth their installation every time. Blanking panels are a necessary piece of equipment for each open space in your server rack. They help to manage airflow, reduce hot spots, improve hot aisle/cold aisle implementation, raise the life …

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Daily Tip: Data Center Furniture

When adding data center furniture to your environment don’t jump to the Swedish store for the cheapest available. The area you will be working in requires furniture that is flexible, durable, and typically has a variety of accessories to work with as you expand or adapt. Start by considering the quality. This piece of furniture …

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