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Top 5 Data Center Cooling Mistakes

While many understand the basic principals of cooling in the data center, even the most seasoned professionals can fall into these classic five data center cooling mistakes. Preposterous Perforated Tiles Plain and simple perforated tiles do not serve a purpose in hot aisles and white-space areas. The perforated tiles are designed to allow cool air …

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7 Questions When Selecting A UPS System

DC Power, batteries, UPS Systems, PDU, even power strips are considered some of the most confusing products for IT and Networking professionals. It’s not unusual for customers to need help understanding the difference between a 15AMP plug and a 20AMP plug, or help determining load levels, watt requirements, or runtime. To assist with the process …

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7 Great Ways to Dispose of Old Equipment

With spring cleaning around the corner, it’s easy to understand what to do with the sweaters and clothes that don’t fit, but what about older technology or equipment that has recently been upgraded or removed? Below is a list of great options for your unused gear that you’re looking to move, and in most cases …

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Which Side Are You?

It’s an exciting day filled with exceedingly high expectations. Just know that our custom Air Conditioned Server Racks and Soundproof Server Racks will always meet your high demands. We can help find the perfect solution for you, from hot servers needing specific tailored cooling to screaming fans leading to a disturbance in your work force …

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