7 Great Ways to Dispose of Old Equipment

With spring cleaning around the corner, it’s easy to understand what to do with the sweaters and clothes that don’t fit, but what about older technology or equipment that has recently been upgraded or removed? Below is a list of great options for your unused gear that you’re looking to move, and in most cases put to a great use.

Recycle Old Equipment

  1. An Electronics Recycler – If you have a huge amount of gear and aren’t interested in loading it up and removing on site, many recyclers will take a fee to come pick up the old gear. Time is money so if you want something quick and easy, finding a local recycler is a great option. Please consider the data on your devices though. If you are removing anything storing information it’s best to disassemble and destroy the platters first.

  2. Non-Profits – A normal small business can be behind in the times with technology, and non-profits are certainly no different. If you have equipment that still works, but just not for your business, consider a donation to a non-profit.

  3. Check your local schools – Kids can always use equipment to test on and learn from. Check the local schools in the area and see if they would accept your old computers to learn assembly from, or equipment that they could practice repairing.

  4. Employee free for all! – Some of your employees would find amazing use out of older printers, phones, and equipment. Naturally they are being disposed of for a reason, so you would want to make it clear to employees, but helping those in the business could even boost a little moral.

  5. Check with the Manufacturer – Some manufacturers may have charity opportunities for their old equipment. In one case, Dell has an employee purchase program where people can purchase used equipment for a small price that eventually goes to a charity.

  6. Free Geek Donation – http://www.freegeek.org/ is a unique non-profit where you can donate your equipment for the future geeks of the world and in turn be entered into chances for prizes. Free Geek is Portland based, but these kinds of non-profits are doing great work across the country. Try and find one near you!

  7. Resell it – As we all learn from garage sales, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You might not get much from it, but you can certainly by donates for the IT team for a while.

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