Rackmount Power Strip

Understanding our Power Strips

Rackmount Power StripTo the untrained eye, our rackmount power strip part numbers may look like a jumble of numbers and letters, but there’s a method to our madness. As a matter of fact, each character in the part number tells you a specific  detail about the unit. Let’s break down each of the characters in our rackmount power strip part numbers by analyzing the bolded portion of the name.


RM stands for “rackmount”. Unlike vertical power strips, rackmount power strips are perfect for when you need to have a strip closer to your equipment. All of our rackmount power strips have RM at the beginning of the part number. You may notice some with an S afterwards. The S indicates that the unit has surge, noise and thermal protection on all three modes: L-N, L-G and N-G.

RM615a-F, RM815a, RM1415a-PL

Next is the number of outlets on each unit. Our rackmount power strips come with outlets either on the front, the back, or in one case, both! From a standard 6 outlet model to a whopping 14 these power strips are versatile enough for any job.

RMS815a, RM620a

The number of amps follows the number of outlets. This number will consistently be either  15a (15 amps) or 20a (20 amps). If you are unfamiliar with the difference in 15 amp and 20 amp power refer to this great video breaking down how simple it really is. Overall 15 amp receptacles fit standard household plugs, while 20 amp is a high current receptacle. The 20 amp units can support both 20 amp and 15 amp devices, while the 15 amp can only support 15a.



Parts with a –F have outlets on the front of the unit instead of the back. If there is no –F, the outlets are on the back. The –AM in part numbers signifies units that have a digital ammeter on them, for monitoring current draw.


Finally, units with a –PL come with a pilot light to indicate that the unit is functioning properly. Units without –PL  come with a lighted on/off switch instead.

While not included in the part number, there are also several units that feature 90 degree rotated outlets, perfect for accommodating transformers. Some units also have a -15 after the part number, this indicates the unit has a 15 foot power cord for extended range on your rack.

If you are looking for particular model or version of these power strips, contact us or shop online today!



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