Types of Server Rack Screws

rack-spaceWhen outfitting your server rack with servers, shelves, or components, you may need multiple types of screws. As most racks are moving towards Universal Square Holes allowing the end user to select any screw type they would like with a matching cage nut, it’s often asked “What type of screw do I need?”

10-32 Rack Screws10-32 Screws

The 10-32 Screw is a standard screw across most American equipment. The “32” in the name is referencing the number of threads per inch. Our 10-32 Rack Screws are black, 3/4 inch long, and come with washers. We also carry the Pilot Point 10-32 Rack Mount Screws which comes with a self guiding start shank.

M6 Rack Screws

Mostly used by HP, the M6 screw references a 6 millimeter screw. Each thread along the body is 6mm. Our M6 screws are black, 3/4 inch long and come with washers.

12-24 Rack Mount Screws

These screws are slightly bigger and more coarse than the 10-32 threaded screw. Again the “24” in the name refers to the 24 threads in a single inch. Our selection of 12-24 screws are black, 5/8 inch long, but unlike the M6 and 10-32 these do not include washers.

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