Troubleshooting at (LED) Light Speed!

Laura Viars for blog By Laura Viars, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.


To all those who are reading this blog today, I believe it is safe for me to make an assumption about you: you probably don’t like to waste time. I can also say with a fair amount of confidence that you likely enjoy money – having it, spending it, not wasting it – at least a tiny bit. If my assumptions were correct, and you work in the field of IT (whether as a network administrator, an installer, or any other position that requires you to work on or around patch panels), have I got a treat for you!

Be prepared to save both time and money, because Rackmount Solutions now carries CAT5e and CAT6 LED Port Patch Panels! If you are unfamiliar with the technology, it works a little bit like this:

Step One: Discard your tone and probe kit (okay, don’t actually discard it… just bury it in the darkest corner of your toolkit, never to see the light of day again),

Step Two: Purchase this LED Port patch panel instead and save tons of time troubleshooting your network,

Step Three: Spend said saved time doing other important work (read: drinking coffee, playing Words with Friends, enjoying a bit of cute overload, etc.).

If it didn’t just sell itself right there, allow me to assist. Using a tone and probe kit is simple in concept, yet extremely cumbersome in most applications where you have many cables and potentially no clue what port they lead to. Save yourself the headache; these patch panels have an LED assigned to each port. All you need to do is connect the signal transmitter into the wall jack you are trying to identify (using a patch cable, which is included with the transmitter), then take a look back at the patch panel. The corresponding port will be lit (either red, green, or dark, depending on the status), and your job will have just become way easier. These panels are available in 24 or 48 ports, CAT5e and CAT6, and – at their price point – they are not only easier to use than a tone and probe kit, they can be cheaper, too!

Full specifications, including the wiring configuration, are available on our site, and save yourself even more time by letting us help you with any other networking products you might require. Enjoy working smarter, not harder!

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