Top 5 Data Center Cooling Mistakes

Tile-lifter-in-use-raised-floorWhile many understand the basic principals of cooling in the data center, even the most seasoned professionals can fall into these classic five data center cooling mistakes.

  1. Preposterous Perforated Tiles

    Plain and simple perforated tiles do not serve a purpose in hot aisles and white-space areas. The perforated tiles are designed to allow cool air to rise in your cold aisles and then for the equipment to pull the cool air through.

  2.  Savage Sealing on Racks

    Blanking Panels are some of the cheapest and most effective accessories to include in your data center or space, they are easily installed and they are commonly known, but for some reason we still run into scenario after scenario of managers neglecting this hardware. For proper airflow and cooling on your rack not only should you seal with blanking panels, but also along the edges of the rack and at the base. The idea is to have all of the air funneling through the equipment and no where else for maximum efficiency.

  3. Arctic Air

    Rather than planning and optimizing for proper temperatures, multiple managers will send an arctic blast through their data center and over cool the equipment. The main rule of thumb is to work by the ASHRAE 80 degree standard, but some cases will require a bit more cooling, but not temperatures to build ice sculptures.

  4. Incorrect Calibration

    In many cases temperature sensors and monitoring equipment is sent with the intent of the end user to calibrate and optimize. If this equipment isn’t properly configured readings can be interpreted incorrectly. It’s also best to check your calibration every 6 months to make sure the original setup is still properly configured for your space.

  5. Ignoring Improvement Opportunities

    nFrame-HAC-300x200Every year part of the hardware budget should be considered for airflow and cooling efficiency. Even planning to replace old equipment to meet Energy Star ratings or updating old equipment which works harder and produces higher amounts of heat can mean a great deal to your airflow and energy efficiency. Considering the cost of downtime and the cost of the equipment in these racks, a minor investment of blanking panels is helping to push your airflow in the right direction.

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