Tablet Charging Station

Is your office, school, campus, or construction site using tablets regularly? Are you struggling to charge them all from day to day and keep them safely organized? The new tablet charging station from Kendall Howard addresses all of your most common issues and provides enough space for 8-12 tablets to charge in a single unit.




Usually, a tablet charging station is 12″-24″ in depth, making them either a cart that needs to be navigated through the hallways, or as a wall mount protruding greatly from the wall. Instead, Kendall Howard designed their tablet charging station to accommodate¬†the tablets vertically saving a huge amount of space while still providing all, if not more functionality.

These tablet charging stations include a power strip, cabling slots, rubber/foam linings for tablet protection, locking entry, ventilation, and more. Easily install the cabinet to the wall and start charging your tablets in a secure environment every day.

Do you need help finding a tablet charging station for your office, hospital, construction site, or campus? We’re here to help.

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