Server Rack Superheroes: Brackets

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Server Racks Terrorized by Problems that Drive IT Pros Crazy!

If seeing this headline brought up some fear in you, then you’re not alone. Trying to fit all of your equipment inside of your server racks can be a difficult task. But never fear… the server rack superheroes are here! These three rackmounting problem solvers are what customers ask about most often. So today they are coming to your rescue. We are going to show you why these are the heroes your rack deserves.

Angle Brackets: The Hulk of Your Server RackAB2035

Like the Hulk, angle brackets do the heavy lifting and provide support for your important equipment. If you have a tower-type server that you need to place in a rack but want to save space, then angle brackets are your answer. Most tower servers can be turned on their side and placed on the angle brackets, and they take up less space that way. Or, if you have a deeper or heavier item (like a UPS) that does not have rear support, the angle brackets will mount onto both the front and rear rails of the rack. You can place your equipment on these brackets to provide adequate support. We sell both a 1U and a 0U option in multiple depths.

Standoff Brackets: The Iron Man of Your Server Rack2u brackets

Similar to Iron Man’s suit, standoff brackets will allow your server rack to do things you never thought it could. Standoff brackets come in handy when your server rack is too short or too deep. Use these brackets to add or remove 4 inches of depth from your rack! We sell these brackets in 2U, 3U, and 4U heights. Be ready to be amazed by its powers!

Patch Panel Swing Brackets: The Spiderman of Your Server Rackswivel bracket

Just like Spiderman can swing from web to web, these patch panel swing brackets can swing from left to right to provide for easier access to the rear of patch panels in a fixed style rack. Rather than removing the patch panel from the rack to gain access, just use these brackets and easily swing the patch panel out. We sell these brackets in 1U and 2U models. They may be like Spiderman, but webs are not included.


After implementing these solutions into your server rack, you might end up being the one who feels like a super hero! Contact us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or go to our website for help solving any of your rackmounting problems. And remember: not all heroes wear capes!

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