Rack Accessories

Shelves, Screws, Power Strips, and more, Rackmount Solutions has all of the products you need to outfit your Server Racks. The articles below will help you choose not only the best products for your server rack or cabinet, but help you to choose the most cost effective.

Neat Patch and Wire Minder Enhance Efficiency, Organization

If tangled and messy cables are giving you headaches — or you want to get your cables set up correctly for a new network — Rackmount Solutions has the answer for you. The Neat Patch Cable Organizer horizontal system stores your cables in an organized, efficient way and can make a dramatic, positive difference in your server room setup.

KVM: Keyboard, Video, Monitors

A KVM switch allows a user to connect the keyboard / video / monitor console to more than one computer or server. With the KVM switch a user needs to just connect to the switch using the appropriate KVM cables and change between servers at the flick of a switch. KVM over IP models provide browser-based server access from anywhere in the world.

PC Wall Mount Makes Life Easier

Rackmount Solutions offers some accessories that are small in physical size but big on benefits for you. Read on for details about the universal computer (PC) wall mount and the universal portable computer (PC) workstation.