Jun 15
Server Rack Brackets

We’ve all been there. Our rack is a different size than the equipment and we need to find a way to get it mounted. Either the server is too deep, or we have 19″ equipment for a 23″ rack and we’re not sure what to do. Luckily there are multiple brackets that can cure this […]

Jun 03
Soundproof Server Rack

The UCoustic Soundproof Server Cabinet not only takes the loudest of servers and dulls them down to a whisper, but it also removes up to 7.2 KW of heat. Combined with multiple accessories and the UCoustic can go virtually anywhere. From a full ventilation system to remove the exhausted air from the room, or a […]

Susan Wynne
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Account Manager Rackmount Solutions
Apr 07

When outfitting your server rack with servers, shelves, or components, you may need multiple types of screws. As most racks are moving towards Universal Square Holes allowing the end user to select any screw type they would like with a matching cage nut, it’s often asked “What type of screw do I need?” 10-32 Rack […]

Nov 24

VIDEO: Server Rack Compatibility — Tapped or Universal? Originally, the standard holes on 19″ server racks were tapped to fit a certain size of threaded bolt or screw. This tended to be problematic, as frequently changing equipment would lead to damaging the threads or screws breaking off, both making the hole and ultimately the rack […]

Oct 27

Introduction to DC Power Systems Rackmount Solutions is¬†pleased to announce that we now carry an assortment of DC Power Systems from Eltek, as well as Front Terminal Batteries by Ritar. If you’re unfamiliar with how DC Power operates, below is a quick outline from our DC Power Specialist with 20 years of experience, John Baker. […]