Neat Patch and Wire Minder Enhance Efficiency, Organization

Laura Viars for blog By Laura Viars, Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

Neat Patch Cable Organizer

If tangled and messy cables are giving you headaches — or you want to get your cables set up correctly for a new network — Rackmount Solutions has the answer for you. The Neat Patch Cable Organizer horizontal system stores your cables in an organized, efficient way and can make a dramatic, positive difference in your server room setup.

The kit, which promotes bend-radius compliance in patch cable management, is easy to use. You simply place the Neat Patch kit between a switch and a patch panel, and arrange your rack or cabinet. A patented plastic molded design, the Neat Patch is nonconductive and thus alleviates any concerns about surges.

You can select from three versions of the Neat Patch, depending on your specifications and needs:

  • The NP2 horizontal 19” kit includes a wire manager alone, so you can use your own cables.
  • The RS NPKIT24, available in a variety of colors, includes a cable organizer, as well as 24 two-foot, UL-approved, Fluke-certified, CAT 6 flush-molded snagless patch cables.
  • Also offered in numerous colors, the RS NPKIT48 includes 48 two-foot, UL-approved, Fluke-certified, CAT 6 flush-molded snagless patch cables.

If you do not have two-foot cables available, Rackmount can provide them, and you can order extra cables in a variety of color choices at any time.

In addition to all of its organization benefits, the Neat Patch kit is priced lower than similar products offered by competitors.

The Universal Wire Minder

The Universal Wire Minder from Rackmount Solutions adds efficiency to your server room because — as the name implies — it keeps wires organized. It mounts in seven different positions, and its open channel design allows easy access to cables. Also, you can channel cables in any direction.

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