Daily Tip: Two-Post Network Rack

1911-3-100-45-Eco-RackLooking for a new two-post network rack for your equipment? The selection isn’t as daunting as it is with server racks, but there are certainly a number of particulars to consider when choosing the right network rack. Aluminum racks, steel racks, cable management special two post network racks, there is still a good variety to work your way through.

Start by determining the size of the network rack you need. Most need a 19″ wide network rack, but the height in U spaces can vary from a shorter 24u, up to 48u worth of networking U space. A quick way to narrow the selection is determining the features needed. do you need a specific mounting rail hole type? Will this rack be consumed by cables, so a rack with built in cable management is ideal. Do you need a specific weight capacity? Finally does your network rack need to be UL Listed? With these answers you should be able to narrow your selection down to one or two solid options.

If you need help finding a particular network rack, we have a catalog of options for virtually any environment. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or by completing the contact us form below.

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