Daily Tip: Blanking Panels

Blanking panels, filler panels, blanks, whatever you choose to call them, just know they are incredibly important and worth their installation every time. Blanking panels are a necessary piece of equipment for each open space in your server rack. They help to manage airflow, reduce hot spots, improve hot aisle/cold aisle implementation, raise the life expectancy of your equipment, and lower your energy costs. We run into a number of IT professionals who think that only the larger gaps in their server rack need blanking panels, but the truth is that any gap in the front of a rack directly impacts the temperature of your equipment and even a 1u gap can create damaging hot spots.

Upsite’s recent case study showed in two seperate instances that the customer who purchased and installed HotLok Blanking Panels, which are rated at a 99.97% effective seal, saved enough money in their energy costs after two months to pay for the blanking panels. As you are looking for ways to increase your budget and impress your boss, blanking panels might be the solution. In the Upsite Case Study through 12 months the smaller customer accrued $20,000 in savings after paying for the HotLok Blanking Panels, the larger data center saved approximately $115,000 after 12 months. The daily tip is this, don’t undersell the value of a blanking panel.

Need help determining which blanking panels to use and what would be the most cost effective for you? Our catalog includes multiple types and sizes for all needs and situations. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or fill out the contact us form below.

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