IT Professionals Skills for Good and Bad Times

Network World provides some hope to IT professionals in its Feb. 8, 2010 issue, with “10 Recession-Proof IT Skills.” The article says that despite economic conditions, people who have the right mix of abilities can fare quite well.

One-Stop Rackmount Shopping

When Premiere Communications required specialized equipment for a customer’s data setup, the company wasn’t immediately sure where to obtain it. But company owner Phillip Curtis was pleasantly surprised to discover that Rackmount Solutions was right there to meet the challenge.

U Rack Series: Economical, Versatile Solution

Are you looking for a cost-effective and highly versatile rack solution? The U rack series fits the bill. This simple design can mount to a wall or under a table or desk. It accommodates vertical or horizontal 19-inch servers, modems, KVM switches, patch panels … and more.