Not Everything Rackmounts … Why a LAN Rack is Useful

In the world of “rackmount” and “u space” why is a LAN Rack still a smart and viable solution for many IT departments?

Because … not everything rackmounts!

There are still plenty of companies using towers and non-racked UPSs or KVM switches. And a LAN Rack can be a fraction of the cost of a server rack.

Keeping the equipment cool is a non issue. Accessibility is easy and instant. Cable management is straightforward and simple.

Here is a comment from one of our customers who just installed a RSLAN48 into his LAN/IT room

Hi Skip!

Just a FYI that this weekend we installed the RSLAN48 LAN rack, it went so well that I wanted to send you a picture of it in our LAN room.

LAN Rack Station
LAN Rack Station

Not only myself, but everyone in Management couldn’t be more happy with the rack!

As I mentioned before placing the order for the RSLAN48 it was almost as if this particular rack was custom made for our needs & was relatively easy to assemble (minus my own lack of attention when assembling the bottom shelf which you helped me with last week.)

Thank you SO much for all your help & for selling such a superior LAN rack!!!  :^)

— Charles Bevan

LAN Rack used as a Sales Station
LAN Rack used as a Sales Station

A LAN Rack can also double as a work station for your IT staff, a tech bench for maintenance or in a sales center.

Sturdy, dependable, neutral so that it blends with most environments, LAN stations can be joined together, formed into corners, L shapes, U shapes or almost any configuration.  Heavy duty versions can support up to 800 lbs of equipment per shelf on strong steel frames.

A LAN Rack is a respectable and viable piece of equipment in an IT manager’s arsenal for keeping his equipment neat, organized and easily accessible.

If you want assistance with a configuration that meets your exact needs call us toll free at 866-207-6631 or email .


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