Today’s Topic: Data Center Furniture (LAN…Local Area Network)


LAN racks or LAN furniture are a terrific alternative when your needs do not require a rackmount cabinet or open 4 post rack. We can design and manufacture a heavy duty LAN rack for any application or floor plan, height, width or depth.

Rackmount Solutions Account Manager, Susan Wynne says, Before buying furniture, do some planning first and know the function of the room.  Have in mind a design or layout of the space you’re wanting to create.  A sketch or draft of theroom with various components in place is helpful.”lan-rack1

The beauty of LAN racks are most are modular and can be combined in hundreds of configurations, especially in a large lab or room. Set them side-by-side or use a corner unit to make “L” shape or “U” shape configurations. Units range from medium duty, 300-500 lbs per shelf to heavy duty which can support up to 850+ lbs.  Perfect for heavy towers, UPS batteries or just stashing obsolete equipment that can’t be discarded.

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