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Counting Down the 10 Largest Data Centers in the U.S.

Counting Down the 10 Largest Data Centers in the United States

We talk a lot on our blog about data centers. How to improve them, how to start them, how to run them. But rarely do we talk about just how amazing the innovation of modern day data centers is. There are some pretty amazing data spaces here in the U.S. At Rackmount Solutions, we work hard to help contribute to growing data centers by providing quality, innovative, custom solutions for our customers. So to highlight all of the movement in the technology sector, we’re counting down the largest data centers in the United States. Warning: you may want to schedule a road trip to see them all after reading this.

Starting at number 10…

10. Phoenix ONE- Phoenix, AZ (538,000 Square Feet)

phoenix one data center

This location serves as a data center and a corporate headquarters. This data center is the epitome of climate innovation with ultrasonic humidifiers and high efficiency chillers. It even has a massive spread of solar panels too!


microsoft chicago data center9. Microsoft Chicago- Chicago, IL (700,000 Square Feet)

This location brings together the present and the future into a seamless design. This two-level space can fit tens of thousands of servers. What’s so shocking is that this data center is only run with 45 workers.

8. NAP of the Americas- Miami, FL (750,000 Square Feet)nap of the americas data center

In this data center, over 183 networks converge. Its tropical location is no concern though. This building is built to withstand category 5 hurricanes, and it has a lightening prevention system. Talk about disaster prevention!

qts atlanta data center7. QTS Metro Data Center- Atlanta, GA (970,000 Square Feet)

This building was originally a Sears distribution center before it was purchased to be used by Quality Technology Services (QTS) as a telecom and data center. This place has enough power to run an entire small island.

6. Facebook Prineville- Prineville, OR (1.1 Million Square Feet)facebook prineville data center

This is one of Facebook’s 9 data centers that it uses to support all of its user information. This was Facebook’s first energy efficient data center and Facebook continues to invest in efficient solutions and power.

nsa bumblehive data center5. NSA (Bubmlehive)- Bluffdale, UT (1.1 Million Square Feet)

All kinds of surveillance data are living here! This location is sitting between two mountain ranges, which gives it ultimate security. This NSA data center has been called the “largest spy center” before because this is where they intercept phone calls, Google searches, and more in order to protect from cyber attacks or other national security threats.

4. The Lakeside Technology Center- Chicago, IL (1.1 Million Square Feet)lakeside data center chicago

This building used to house printing presses before it was purchased for telecom use in 1999. There are many different companies and financial institutions whose data is stored here.

digital realty ashburn campus data center3. Digital Realty Ashburn Campus- Ashburn, VA (1.5 Million Square Feet)

This huge campus has 7 highly innovative buildings and even has room for 2 more! This data center is growing fast and will continue to grow with its support of cloud providers.

2. Ashburn Corporate Center- Ashburn, VA (1.6 Million Square Feet)acc ashburn data center

There must be something about Ashburn, VA… This campus has 6 buildings that are in the heart of the data center and technology row in northern Virginia. Dupont Fabros owns this huge data center, and they are spending a lot of money for it to keep growing.

1. Switch (Las Vegas Supernap Digital Exchange Campus)- Las Vegas, NV (2.4 Million Square Feet)

switch data center las vegas

Last, but certainly not least, we have Switch’s Supernap campus. This campus has 9 buildings with 3 more on the way. And as if being the largest data center in the country wasn’t enough, and as if being located in Las Vegas wasn’t enough either, they also have the coolest data center hype video you’ll ever see. Watch it here.

Innovation is happening in the data center sector all over the country. With the growth of the IoT, cloud computing, and smart devices the need for large, energy efficient, innovative data centers is even more prevalent. At Rackmount Solutions we hope to continue assisting in the growth of data centers and the technology sector as a whole!