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Buzzfeed: 10 Interesting & Unique Data Centers

Check out some of the most fascinating and innovative data centers located around the world! From bunkers to mines, housing for barnyard animals to buildings in plain sight, see some of the lengths companies will go to keep your data safe and sound. 10. Promoting biodiversity since 2008 In Frankfurt, Germany, one data center is …

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Keep Gear Close to Your Server Rack with Rackmount Drawers

Rackmount drawers are an ideal storage solution to keep your server rack accessories, tools, and manuals, near your equipment for easy access. Rather than continue to stack items on your desk, these drawers provide the option of keeping specific items on specific server racks at all times. On one rack you might need a 2U …

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The Future of Data Centers

Technology is something that is constantly in flux, and the data center industry is no different. As you’re considering what type of server cabinets will work best with your new data center design, you should also plan your design around upcoming trends so that you’ll have an easier time of implementing those trends and helping …

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Three Steps for Cooling Your Data Center

So you need to change your cooling approach, but you’re afraid it’ll require massive adjustments and expensive purchases. Not necessarily! Here are some simple steps you can take to increase cooling efficiency without breaking the bank. 1.  Improving Air Circulation First, you need to make sure you have proper air circulation inside your cabinets. By …

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Data Center Downtime

Quite possibly the most dreaded time an IT professional can go through. Data Center Downtime. In this infographic from INetU, we take a look at some telling numbers such as the cost per minute, frequent culprits,  how long downtime lasts (even for major companies), and how it effects the company both internally and externally. What …

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