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data center power solutions

Markets and Industries

Information technology, power, and enclosures are used in every market / industry, but each has their own nuances and special needs for the job. An enclosure in a clean air controlled environment is significantly different than an enclosure that would be used at an outdoor oil & gas site. Hiring the Experts For this reason …

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Daily Tip: Data Center Planning

Planning your holiday meal for Thanksgiving is hard enough, but planning the growth and utilization of a data center for years to come? Now that’s a challenge. If done poorly you can over shoot or under shoot by a large margin leaving extensive infrastructure issues. To complicate matters factoring in mobility, the cloud, and potential …

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Daily Tip: UPS Maintenance

Your uninterruptible power supplies serve a major purpose, but without proper UPS maintenance you can open the door for a slew of potential problems. Every data center manager and employee is afraid of one word: Downtime. Every minute of downtime is potentially $7,900 out the window, not to mention the anxiety on you as a manager which …

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Daily Tip: Data Center Airflow

Data Centers are constantly evolving. Technology is rapidly changing requiring higher levels of power, more cables, and a constant attention to detail to keep equipment running at it’s peak. Shifts towards high-density equipment is making airflow monitoring and management more essential than ever. Common Airflow Problems The best way to ensure your airflow is adequate, …

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