CO-LO Server Racks and Cabinets Share Space, Not Access



Co-lo (co-location) providers deliver an IT environment at an affordable cost.  This allows business to have reliable infrastructure  without the need to build their own IT or data center facilities.

Rackmount Solutions' Cruxial Series Co-Lo Server Rack
Rackmount Solutions’ Cruxial Series Co-Lo Server Rack

In the past, one of the challenges that co-lo providers faced was how to provide access to customer equipment without purchasing separate, secure, server racks for each customer.  Separate server racks not only took up valuable data center space, they also placed a greater strain on the center’s cooling and power systems.


This problem was resolved by the advent of server racks and cabinets designed specifically for co-lo providers.  These new server racks and cabinets are constructed to provide individual compartments within the server rack or cabinet that are physically separate.  The server racks and cabinets often include:

  • Separate, individually keyed front and back doors access
  • Individual cabling and power entry and exit points
  • Divided security panels between equipment compartments

These new co-location server racks and cabinets allowed co-location providers to offer services  to their customers at  more competitive prices – without compromising the security of their systems or software.


Available in 3 heights, 3 widths, 3 depths (or other customization), the Cruxial Colocab™  has vertical bays that can be configured with 2, 3, or 4 individually keyed doors (both front and rear).  And, with are no shared cabling or power entry/exit points, the Cruxial Colocab™ can keep customer equipment separate and secure while allowing enabling co-location providers to  maximize their data center’s physical footprint.

So, if you are looking for one of the most economical, safe, secure, and highly flexible ways to house and separate equipment from multiple customers, check out Cruxial Colocab™ on our web site.  Then give us a call at 1-866-207-6631 or send us an email at  One of our experienced enclosure experts will be happy to help you design a Cruxial Colocab™ solution that meets your needs.

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