The Future of Data Centers

Future of Data CentersTechnology is something that is constantly in flux, and the data center industry is no different. As you’re considering what type of server cabinets will work best with your new data center design, you should also plan your design around upcoming trends so that you’ll have an easier time of implementing those trends and helping your center operate that much more efficiently.

A Shift From Hardware to Software

Since it takes a lot of power to successfully run a data center, it’s expected that centers will start to shift from concentrating on hardware to focusing more on software where the delivery of services and applications can be controlled, observed and viewed according to how much work is being done. This is a way to account for how much money is being spent on a particular aspect of power distribution.

Platform Upgrade

Preparing for the future is all about starting with a solid foundation in place. In terms of data centers, any platform upgrades that you’re thinking about making should be done without the need to waste more time, energy and resources than necessary. Don’t buy the server racks that you’ll need today, buy the ones that you’ll need tomorrow. Focus on CPU architectures that are expected to last for years to come, even if they might be a bit more expensive than you might like. They’re sure to pay for themselves in the long run.

Trellis_DCIM_modules_InventoryManager_AData Virtualization

Even though automation has made it easier than ever to successfully instantiate complex containers, it can still be difficult to efficiently fill up those containers with applications and data. In the future, data visualization will most likely make it easier to populate complex containers with configurations, content and code. In regards to this particular trend, we have to focus on how quickly big data has been growing when compared to the growth of big data environments.

Interoperability and Integration

Strongly consider giving yourself the option of running up iSCSI with your current hardware if you already have a dedicated Fibre Channel SAN. This option is one that is expected to come in handy for data centers in the future, and is also rather easy to put into action.

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