Server Rack Cooling

As power requirements increase, so does the heat that is being produced. Most IT equipment runs safely at an ASHRAE 80 degree standard, but even at this temperature, it can be difficult to keep a room, a rack, or a single server running within this range. Below are a few options based on your setup that can help keep your server rack equipment running properly without pushing your office air conditioner to the brink of extinction.

1. Server Rack Fans

If you need cooling around specific servers, you should consider adding rackmount fans or rack fan trays. These can be placed directly above or below the equipment to help syphon the air you need directly to the equipment that needs it. This is the most basic of server rack cooling.

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2. Portable Air Conditioning / Server Rack Spot Cooling

Portable air conditioners are an excellent choice for both spot cooling on excessively hot gear or simply adding extra cooling power to a data closet or room. Available in multiple sizes with various cooling power, you can select the exact portable air conditioner you need for server rack cooling.

3. Rack Air Conditioner

If you have multiple racks, but only one includes the equipment producing excessive heat, consider a rackmount or sidemount air conditioner. We like to suggest the Cruxial-Cool-42u which is an all encompassing server rack cooling cabinet. While this is not self-contained, this does an excellent job of pushing cool air directly in front of your equipment to breath on through.


4. Self-Contained Server Rack A/C

These custom designed and built to order server racks are self-contained where only the conditioned air will be supplied to your equipment. While these are more expensive, they are built to be self-sustaining and independent wherever they are placed. No longer will your hot IT equipment cause the rest of the environment to increase in temperature.


Are you ready to keep your equipment at a proper temperature with server rack cooling? Need help reducing the temperature in your data closet or data center? We’re always ready to help. We’ve been sizing custom A/C cabinets for years and can walk you carefully through the process. Call today at 1-800-352-6631 or purchase any of these server rack cooling solutions online.

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