Cruxial Racks

Cruxial is our brand. We know what’s most important so we try to make our Cruxial line include the essentials. From A/C to Cable Network racks, we have our personal brand ready to solve your problems and last for years.

Lots of Cables? There’s a Rack for You!

Network switches and blade centers keep getting bigger. They support more inputs and outputs at higher speeds than ever before. And these inputs and outputs require lots of cabling. Cabling that can be a problem if it isn’t managed efficiently.

To handle all of the cable, we believe data center managers need a rack designed specifically for bulk cable runs – like our Cruxial Cable Network Series Racks.

Rackmount Solutions NETWORK Series Rack

This NETWORK server rack is designed for applications that need large bundles of cables to cascade down either side or both sides of the rackrails and still maintain lockable security! Based on the very reliable RS Series of server racks.