Tangled Up: 5 Cable Management Tips

Do you have spaghetti in your data center? No, we’re not talking about the Italian dish. We’re talking about spaghetti cables. We’re talking about cables so messy and terrifying that it looks like you might get tangled up with them if you try to fix it. That’s where cable management comes in. By following these 5 simple cable management tips, you can clean up your data center, improve your rack airflow, and prevent future problems.

1. Measure Twice, Cut Once

The most important part of this is to measure. Some cabling is so long it looks like someone was going to use it to suspend down Mount Everest. By appropriately cutting your cables you will prevent tangles, improve airflow management, and be able to locate cables much faster when in a critical situation.

2. Color Me Organized

Create a system and stick to it. Cables are not made in different colors to make your data center look like a rainbow. They are different colors so that you can stay organized! Here is an example of a 5 color coded system:

Red = Servers and network equipment

Black = Standard network node

Green = Network printers

Yellow = Guess Access Jacks

Gray = VoIP telephones

By having an organized system of cables, you and your employees will be able to navigate them with ease. And it makes your data center pretty too.

3. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

With how quickly IT is growing, you should always be planning for future growth in your data center. Positioning your server racks for optimal cable runs can help with organization, and prepare you for growth in the future.

4. Be Cool

Racks aren’t the only ones that get hot. Cables can overheat as well. There are tons of products available that can manage cables around racks in order to keep the racks and the cables cool.

5. With Great Power Comes Great Interference

Running your cabling and power together increases the chance of interference. The copper in the cables running along the power cables act like mini transformers and cause spikes. Separate the two as much as possible to increase the quality of your runs.


Along with implementing these tips, you can organize your cables with the hundreds of cable management products we have on our website! Additionally, if you are not sure which cable management products are best for you, just contact us! Stop serving up spaghetti in your data center. It’s time for organization!

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